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Possible compensation for current or ex-gold mine workers or their dependants (wife, child, or life partner) who got sick with silicosis and/or TB.

African Rainbow Minerals, Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony and Sibanye-Stillwater and mineworkers’ lawyers have agreed to a settlement to pay compensation to eligible mineworkers who got sick with silicosis and/or TB while working at one of their mines listed here.


  • If you are a mineworker who is sick with silicosis or TB and worked at one of the gold mines listed here anytime from 12 March 1965, or
  • If you are a dependant (wife, child or life partner) of a mineworker who got sick with silicosis and/or TB and worked at these gold mines anytime from 12 March 1965, and has died

Very important!

You do not need to pay anybody to help you register for the proposed silicosis and TB settlement benefits. You do not need to travel to Johannesburg to register.
To register is FREE. To claim compensation will be FREE. Any benefit medical examination will be FREE.

We take fraud seriously

It is dishonest for anyone to promise an ex-mineworker or current mineworker or their family members that they will receive compensation from the settlement fund. The settlement has to be approved by the court first. Only then will the Trust be established, and the Trust’s officials will determine if a claim meets the criteria for compensation and will help to process claims.

Those who currently make promises of payment from the settlement fund in order to persuade people to pay them money are not allowed to do so and are not officials of the Trust.


It will still take a few months. When the last of the legal steps have been completed, the Tshiamiso Trust will be established. The Trust will communicate how to claim compensation.


If you have already registered somewhere you do not need to register again. If not, then you can register on this website or call 080 1000 240. Please do not travel to the mines or Johannesburg. See the FAQ page for more details.


  • To register is FREE.
  • To claim compensation is FREE.
  • Your medical benefit examination will be FREE.
  • You do not need to pay anybody to help you with your claim.