On 3 May 2018, six mining companies - African Rainbow Minerals, Anglo American SA, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony and Sibanye-Stillwater – and attorneys Richard Spoor Inc, Abrahams Kiewitz Inc and the Legal Resources Centre announced that they had reached a settlement in the silicosis and tuberculosis class action litigation. The settlement still needs to be approved by the High Court of South Africa, and this could take several months. If you have questions about the agreement, or would like to register to get further information on this in the coming months, please fill in your details in below:

About the mineworker
Dependant details
If you are a dependant seeking to claim on behalf of a mineworker, please add your details here:
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Very important!

You do not need to pay anybody to help you register for the proposed silicosis and TB settlement benefits. You do not need to travel to Johannesburg to register.
To register is FREE. To claim compensation will be FREE. Any benefit medical examination will be FREE.

We take fraud seriously

It is dishonest for anyone to promise an ex-mineworker or current mineworker or their family members that they will receive compensation from the settlement fund. The settlement has to be approved by the court first. Only then will the Trust be established, and the Trust’s officials will determine if a claim meets the criteria for compensation and will help to process claims.

Those who currently make promises of payment from the settlement fund in order to persuade people to pay them money are not allowed to do so and are not officials of the Trust.